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Blood in Your Dog Urine

Every time your dog urinates, it must be a comfortable process. Additionally, whether the dog is male or female, the gush of urine must be strong and steady. In the event your dog tries to urinate in a more effortful manner, there is probably something wrong with him. Is there blood in his urine? Blood in dog urine is commonly a symptom which implies that something is wrong with your dog. There are several reasons why this happen and to be informed of what they are, read below.

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection

This infection can develop within various parts of the bladder such the urethra, kidneys or the bladder itself. Additional symptoms to determine if a dog has UTI include painful urination, licking genitals, straining and frequent urination.

Infection in the uterus

In this case, the infection grows in the vagina of a female dog.

Prostrate infection

This infection is true to male dogs. Associated to this infection is the swelling of their penis and testicles. If this is the case, it is imperative to have your dog checked.

Kidney stones

Kidney stones can also lead to blood in a dog’s urine. Symptoms for kidney stones include loss of appetite, sluggishness and even whining while trying to urinate.

Internal injury

Blood in the dog’s urine can happen due to a fight with another dog or a sudden fall. Your dog could also have been thrown to the ground, injuring its internal organs.


Most commonly, what poisons a dog is a rat poison. Once the dog ingests this poison which contains Warfarin, blood in the urine will be noticed.

Tick borne illnesses

Ticks are disgusting and annoying little creatures which can cause several tick borne illnesses. Blood in the urine is one of its symptoms. Check the iron content dog food reviews and recalls.  An interesting article on dog nutrition can be found here.

Blood in dog urine is nothing to play around. Thus, it is imperative to seek the help of a veterinarian once you notice this symptom or any other thing usual to your dog is you don’t want to take things into worst.